St. James currently has two community gardens, one  located in SeaSide and the other in Regency, where you can enjoy growing an organic garden.  In addition, there is a plant trail located in Waterway Park to the Marina. “Delight in the beauty that surrounds you” is engraved so appropriately on the bench plaque that marks the midpoint on the trail. It was donated by the Garden Club at St. James.

St. James offers a world of outdoor beauty.

The Native Plant Trail, marked in 2015 through the cooperative efforts of the POA, St. James Plantation, the Garden Club at St. James and the Extension Master Gardeners.

These plants meet the needs, including food and cover, of native wildlife without causing long-term damage to local plant communities.

These native plants enhance our sense of place.
They are one of the most visible elements in the
local landscape and are part of what makes our coastal region unique.

The Garden Club

The club meets monthly, September through April, at the St. James Community Center. Experts discuss topics such as making the most of outdoor spaces using ideas adapted from professional landscapers, attracting birds and butterflies to the garden and reaping the benefits of using native plants.