Natalie and Howie


The moment you cross paths with Howie Molloy and Natalie Smith from Team Natalie and Howie at St. James Properties, you’ll instantly sense more than just their love for real estate. There’s a unique bond, a genuine camaraderie, and a synergy that defines them.

Their journey as Team Natalie and Howie kicked off in 2021, but the stories that brought them here have roots reaching even further back. After wrapping up his education at UNCW in 1990, Howie found his calling in the realm of property and realty, earning his North Carolina real estate license in 1992. Real estate runs in Natalie’s veins; she grew up watching her father navigate the competitive industry in Charlotte. With a Communications degree from the University of South Carolina in 1994, she got her North Carolina real estate license in 2020. When their paths crossed, Team Natalie and Howie was born—a real estate powerhouse shaping their success one property at a time.

Beyond real estate, you’ll find Howie, an avid golfer, cherishing moments with friends on the golf course. Natalie, a dedicated yogi, finds serenity in beach bike rides and the company of her Italian greyhound, Harley. Giving back is ingrained in their ethos, and they passionately support causes like “Stop Soldier Suicide” and local pet rescue initiatives within the St. James.

For them, it’s not just about selling; it’s about trust-building and educating clients. Their journey is a testament to ambition, hard work, and a shared vision. Team Natalie and Howie want to help you create your real estate success story together.