The Kayak Launch

Currently there is a group of about 60 kayak enthusiasts from St. James and Brunswick County. All you need to join the kayak club is bring your own kayak. They don’t have any meetings and they don’t have any dues, but they may go out to eat at a local bar or restaurant after every trip. Most of our members have touring kayaks that range in length from 12 to 16 feet, which are best suited for the type of paddling we do here in Brunswick County.

In addition to the Intracoastal Waterway, there are two basic types of water for kayakers in Brunswick County. First, you have the black water rivers like the Lockwood Folly and Town Creek. Then there are the tidal marsh creeks. Dutchman’s Creek, Beaver Creek, and the area on either side of the Oak Island Bridge are good examples.

An activity that combines a good workout with the beauty of nature.

St. James Launch Site
–Waterway Park

Brunswick County Launch Site
–Davis Canal to St. James
–Beaver Creek
–Elizabeth River
–Oak Island Bridge East/West
–Davis Canal
–Lower/Upper Lockwood Folly River
–Rice Creek

Explore the Kayak Launch

Enjoy The Egrets, Herons, And Brown-Billed Pelicans On Your Kayaking Adventure!

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